Character Profile from Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia trilogy) by Aoife Marie Sheridan


Name: Tristan

Age: 107 years old (Immortal)

Eye colour: Green

Hair: Black shoulder length

Height: 6foot 1 inches

Build: Broad


Job:  Guardian of King Morrick.

Associated Action:  Temper

Skills or abilities: Fire Affinity Level 3           

                              Air Affinity Level 3

The ability to freeze a person for a matter of seconds.

The ability to extract anyone’s gifts, thus leaving them powerless.

Fighting Skills:  Hand to hand combat                     mastered

                                    Sword fighting                         mastered

                                    Archery                                    mastered




None that we know of. Tristan was taken as a baby to be reared in the castle in order to become a guardian and future King of Saskia.