Loved ones will be lost, Decisions will be final, and all betrayals will rise to the surface.

The final Instalment of the Saskia Trilogy.

Sarajane struggles with her separation from Tristan as she moves towards the heart of Saskia to defeat Lucian. But her journey isn’t easy. She encounters The Forsaken, zombies, and fights to recover her true form. But with Marcus beside her and the help of Willow she makes her journey to her final destination but nothing is as it seems.

Verona and Mirium try to understand why their visions are gone, what Prudentia is up to? and how to find Sarajane.  All the while Tristan and Verona are at war with each other, and politics makes each decision difficult with Morrick.

Even if Sarajane makes it to Saskia, stopping Lucian may cost her life.

Step into Saskia for the last time.

If you like Graceling by Kristin Cashore or Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder, then the world of Saskia will entertain you for hours.

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