Character Profile from Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia trilogy) by Aoife Marie Sheridan


Name: Sarajane

Age: 21 years old (Immortal)

Eye colour: Grey

Hair: Black curly long hair

Height: 5foot 7 inches

Build: Curvy


Job:  Bookstore assistant (Mortal world)

                   Saviour                       (Saskia)


Associated Action:  Rolling of eyes.

Skills or abilities:  Fire Affinity Level 3        

                                       Air Affinity Level 3

                                       Earth Affinity Level 3

                                      Water Affinity Level 3

                                      Spirit Affinity Level 3


Fighting Skills:  Hand to hand combat                training

                                    Sword fighting                         training

                                    Dagger throwing                      training




Mother: Marta – from Saskia

Father bio: King Morrick – King of Saskia

Sister: Jessica

Father: John Anderson – Mortal