Saving Grace (A Broken Heart Series Book One) –  will feed your addiction for a romance with real-life struggles from USA Today Bestselling Author, Aoife Marie Sheridan!

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Grace knows that the only way she can survive life is to bury her past.
But nothing stays buried forever...

It’s been two years since she lost so much. Two years since she started a new life, in a new college, with a new group of friends. Two years, and now her troubles are rushing back.

When Derek walks into Grace’s life, he makes her feel things she’d hoped never to feel again. The box she hid all her secrets in is opening, and Grace might not be able to keep it shut this time.

As each of her traumas resurfaces, Grace isn’t sure having Derek at her side is enough to save her. And if he’s not, Grace isn’t sure she’ll come out the other side fully intact.

If you like “The Problem with Forever” by Jennifer L Armentrout or “Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover, then Saving Grace will feed your addiction for a romance with real-life struggles.



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